Intimate Weddings in the times of Corona

Weddings in the times of Corona
Shreya & Balveer's wedding in Jaipur.
Shot in the year 2018.

There’s a very symbolic idea behind posting these images at this time of the 2020 Pandemic. Weddings in the times of Corona have become so much more intimate. They’re small, cozy gatherings pretty similar to this wedding.

We’ve had our fair share of Big Fat Indian Weddings, but capturing a small-scale, intimate wedding has its own charm. There is a certain rawness, unadulterated and natural. A limited guestlist, and even a smaller team size.

What remains constant, though, is the pressure of capturing and creating the story, starting from the brainstorming sessions with the couple and family, to the late post processing hours in-studio.

About Shreya & Balveer

Shreya is the only daughter of my childhood friend Jivraj and Kiran Bhabhi. It was a dream of hers to get me to click some pictures of their wedding ceremony.

Voila! The universe conspired and I booked two back-to-back shoots at Udaipur and Jaipur, that coincidentally led me to attend the beautiful November wedding.
Shreya and Balveeer's wedding was simple, elegant, and unique. I learned so many new things about a Rajput wedding. How each custom and ritual was deliberately followed to the book!
It’s also the first Marwari wedding that I’ve seen where the groom is legally treated with a bottle of wine with his meal!

And the best part was Balveer did not indulge in drinking, (unlike the big fat wedding parties nowadays) Balveer simply took a sip and smiled to follow custom. To be clear there was no Daru served at the wedding.

Another crazy custom which I loved was the Bride ‘sleeping’ on a  Khatiya (bed) kept in the centre of the wedding venue. 
You got it right, Shreya, in her makeup and lehenga, got on the Khatiya, covered herself with a Chaddar from toe to head, and pretended to be asleep, waiting for the groom.
The hero of the wedding ceremony, the Rajput Groom Balveer took out his sword, circled the Khatiya and woke the dream girl Shreya up with his sword. That's a Rajput proposing her to his wife: "Mai aa gaya shaadi Karan vaastey, chall taiyaar ho ja" 

Shreya gets up, threw the chadar away and runs inside the room to wore her shaadi ka joda, and comes back fully dressed with a twinkle in her eye. 

Isn’t it incredible?! I loved it.

I had the privelege of enjoying these moments only because it was a small and close wedding. I loved it because I wasn't distracted by a loud DJ or cold pyros. I loved it because it was real. 
So here is to more real and intimate weddings!

Written By - Rajesh Gupta ,The Lensocrat on 04 Jul, 2020
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